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photographs by Ellen Pearson

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Alice Hartley’s style is recognisable in the quick and intensive mark making that she has taken from her drawing and painting and adapted to the silk screen. Her method of mono screen-printing is one that she discovered whilst studying at the RCA and has continued to develop - experimental painting on the uncoated surface of a silk screen, leaving the final image open to chance and the unknown. Her work occupies the space between a painting and a print, each piece being completely unique.

In collaboration with Sophie Cull-Candy, Hartley has adapted this process with textile ink and applied the print to 48 t-shirts in this 1st edition, each one off a kind, individual to the self.

Each piece captures its own moment, the theme of No Land explores territory with identity, real and imaginary borders. The understanding of who has passed through a place and what it symbolises now. The present memory, something of melancholy nostalgia. The made up flags and ambiguous pieces of text are there for you to understand and take as you wish.